Ninkeo Kart

An epic racing game made in 3DRad. More like a driving simulator than an actual game.

Ninkeo Kart

Ninkeo Kart is my first big and ambiguous project. Made in the 3DRad game engine, race in 8 different tracks with 3 unique vehicles against the ruthless AI, or even with a friend if you choose.

Note: These screenshots show the evolution of the game from the very first initial release to the last version created.


Ninkeo Kart has seen many releases over the last few years, from the first completed game to the test releases handed out to 3DRad community members.

Full Release

Ninkeo Kart 1 was completed in late 2012 / early 2013 and is still available to play, 5 years on from the launch date.

Ninkeo Kart 1 (download here) [96.4MB]

Next-gen versions

After the release of Ninkeo Kart 1, a sequel was half-completed before being ultimately cancelled due to engine limitations.

Ninkeo Kart 2 v0.10 (2016) [49.3MB]

There was a final release of Ninkeo Kart 2 developed on a new backbone engine in mid-2017, called the 'Turbo' engine, before again being put on hold. When compared with the others, this stands out as being the most impressive of all in terms of graphics, handling and overall enjoyment. It also includes detailed information about the planned vehicles and tracks in the game, to bring a better overall experience.

NK 0.2 (2017) [121MB]

Beta Versions

These versions were released as part of feedback gathering, bug finding or just looking for suggestions to add / improve for the next one. Run these at your own risk!

Ninkeo Kart 1 (2011-2013)

Ninkeo Kart 27MB
Ninkeo Kart 68MB
Ninkeo Kart 82MB
Ninkeo Kart 94MB
Ninkeo Kart v0.5 44MB

Ninkeo Kart 2 (2013-2016) 49MB 15MB

Ninkeo Kart Turbo (2017) 119MB

Classic (2009-2011)

NOTE: These releases are VERY old and don't run properly on Windows versions past 7. You have been warned!

ninkeoKART Early 15MB
ninkeoKART Indev 45MB
ninkeoKART Alpha Preview 35MB
ninkeoKART Alpha Preview 46MB
ninkeoKART v0.15 44MB